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Explore Why Gwarinpa offers The Best Living Experience in Abuja


As we explore living in Gwarinpa Abuja, the important question to ask is; can I get the best living experience, a blend of comfort and social life? The answer is yes, you can get that and more.

Known as the largest single housing estate in West Africa, Gwarinpa is the biggest estate in Nigeria in the developed district of the Federal Capital Territory. It has been said, it could be a city on its own due to its size and capacity to hold everything you need without ever leaving.

Home to the largest avenues and biggest estates, residents living in Gwarinpa can boast of three things; convenience, security and quality of life. It is also well connected with good road networks and well developed houses.

Now let us tell you why Gwarinpa is a great place to live, we will divide our reasons into three categories: Housing, Social Life and Economic activities. 

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Housing In Gwarinpa

There is a common conception for non-Abuja residents that residents living in Gwarinpa  are in the upper class. They are not far from the truth but this does not apply to her residents. Boasting of its affluent residents consisting of former ministers and high government personnels, Gwarinpa also offers affordable housing for the average class, hence the reason why a lot of people rush to get accommodation there. From fancy residences to more budget-friendly options, you will find it all in Gwarinpa. Once you step into Gwarinpa, bus stops and landmarks are substituted for avenues (1st-7th Avenue) , banks and plazas. Let us explore housing in these avenues;

  • 1st Avenue: It is also known as Gwarinpa main and comprises more residential houses and some popular hotels. Most of the residential houses here are of old architectural structures located in closes rather than gated estates like its other avenue peers. Residents in this avenue have easy access to the main town via the Kubwa expressway. If you are looking for accommodations located in private closes and one that offers easy access to the exit of Gwarinpa then first avenue should be your choice.

  • 2nd Avenue: Coming down from first avenue, second avenue boasts of more residential houses than plazas or hotels. However some residential houses are being converted to home stays. One way to know you are on Second avenue, is the name change in keke stops, you hear things like L-close or Michael Pa close. The houses here are also sturdy old architectural residential areas. Most people prefer this location because of the interlocked access to fifth avenue and first avenue and hence offers a bit of privacy. One popular plaza located here is IC World Emporia and the best time to shop here is not at night. One other key feature of this avenue is the convenient access to the Gwarinpa main gate. This leads directly to the Kubwa expressway. One popular housing location in this estate is called Setraco, named after the construction company. 

  • 3rd Avenue: This is where the action is. This can be said to be the economic hub of Abuja which has caused lots of the old houses located there to be renovated and rented out at a high rate. Stealing a line from a song; “the city never sleeps at night” can be applied to the third avenue. One of the beauties of third avenue is you are offered more choices, you have banks, restaurants and shopping plazas lined side and side and because of its nocturnal residents, they are usually open till late. Third avenue is the central hub of Gwarinpa and residents enjoy the benefits of various social hubs as well. Unlike first and second avenue, third avenue offers gated estates however some houses are located by the roadside. If you are looking for an accommodation that offers ease of access to main roads like Wuse, access to shopping complexes and a good social life then renting an apartment in third avenue is your best bet.

  • 4th Avenue: Unlike its predecessor, fourth avenue offers a more quiet serene residential location. One popular estate in this avenue is Citec Villa which has phase one and phase two. Most residents in this area are in the upper class stream and hence houses here are a bit steep in prices. This avenue also houses some good homestays and hotels like The Edge By Wellness known for its cozy and serene facilities. One major plaza in this avenue is H-Medix, this is one plaza you should not go to at night, because of its nearness to the road it builds a small traffic that leads towards Galadima gate. Most apartments here are in gated estates and hence have more security than its predecessor.

  • 5th Avenue: Ironically this avenue is located between 1st and 2nd avenue and just like its neighbors, it also offers houses in close rather than gated estates. This avenue shares the same mode of architectural residential designs like 1st and 2nd avenue. Houses here are affordable however, open vacancies are not so frequent like in 3rd and other avenues.   

  • 6th Avenue: This avenue is home to the majority of the gated estates in Gwarinpa and also has interconnections to estates in Lifecamp and Dawaki. It is safe to say it’s one of the most populated avenues in Gwarinpa apart from third avenue. It offers secure gated estates and a number of modern buildings. Because of the influx of people most of the residential houses located here are mostly self-contained, one and two bedroom apartments. One  popular estate located here is Sahara estate, this estate boasts of great aesthetics and modern architectural buildings. Most residential houses in gated estates follow a similar architectural design based on its type. Unlike other avenues, 6th avenue stretches really far and extends to locations like 69 road, Lungu and some housing gated estates like Sunshine estate, Kafe Garden. Other popular estates include Mab global, etc.

  • 7th Avenue: Unlike other avenues, this is an estate in itself and it is gated. It is an intersection between 4th and 6th avenue. It is a long stretch of modern architectural houses and consists of more family residences. Because of its structure, it houses no popular spots or plazas.

Social Life

There is a saying, Gwarinpa residents are nocturnal and that is absolutely true. You can take a walk in your estate by 11:00pm and other people are doing the same, or heading out. You can decide to get some quick bites at Chicken Republic or Tastia and meet a crowd of people before and don’t get me started on the queue at Ibro fish or H-Medix. Gwarinpa sure does have something to offer in terms of nightlife and here are some great spots:

  • Eateries: Your best spot for eateries is on Third avenue and your options range from Tastia, KFC, Burger King, Chicken Republic, Dominos, Dodo pizza,and a whole lot more. The beauty of this is these establishments are literally arranged side by side or opposite each other and a walking distance from each other. 

  • Hangout spots: Well known for serving the best grilled proteins; Ibro fish is one of the most popular spots to sit out, relax with a cold drink and well served hot grill. Another popular spot with fun packed activities and a great place for networking is Crush Cafe. Other hangout spots include; Puzzles, Big Ideas Plaza and a whole lot more. It is possible to have a good work life balance in Gwarinpa without having to leave the estate.

  • Health/Fitness: Gwarinpa residents take their clean bill of health seriously, as seen by the abundance of fitness and wellness centers. Some popular fitness centers include: I-fitness gym, Ecofitness hub, there is also a general fitness center that offers aerobic coaching to the residents located by the Galadima gate.

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Economic Activities

It is not just about living, there is plenty of business buzz in Gwarinpa too. From small shops to big corporations, there’s something for everyone here. And with good infrastructure and a prime location, it is a hotspot for entrepreneurs.

Some might say Gwarinpa residents enjoy the comfort and all in one cuisine of getting what you need within your location and they are right. Some popular markets you can go to for your grocery shopping include: Kadobiko market at Third avenue, Ya-Kasua market at 6th avenue and other mini markets in varying locations.

Due to the rapid development in certain avenues like 3rd and 6th avenues, there are a lot of business activities rapidly creeping in, making access to certain services easy for her residence. Gwarinpa’s commercial districts buzz with activity, hosting a diverse array of businesses ranging from small-scale enterprises to multinational corporations.

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In conclusion, Gwarinpa stands as a shining example of residential excellence in Nigeria, offering unparalleled housing options, a vibrant social scene, and abundant economic opportunities. From its choice estates and vibrant community spirit to its thriving business environment and strategic location, Gwarinpa embodies the very essence of modern living in Africa’s largest economy.

Whether you’re seeking a place to call home, looking to expand your business ventures, or simply craving a vibrant community to belong to, Gwarinpa welcomes you with open arms. Come, explore, and discover the endless possibilities that await in Nigeria’s oasis of residential excellence.

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